Helios Cocktail Cabinet

The Helios Cocktail Cabinet is a contemporary and unique cabinet for a discerning individual who wants something that is much more than functional, a work that attracts attention and surpriseā€¦

The design detail follows through to the matching tray and triangular mats that will impress any guest at a cocktail party!

The cabinet is based on Egyptian symmetry with simple angular themes. Helios has been created from a single large cherry board which gives beautiful matching grain across all its faces. Inside the cabinet the drawer fronts and dividers are made from amazing ripple sycamore. The vivid almost black elements are of wenge which contrasts superbly against the cherry.

Inside the cabinet has 3 compartments which have mirrored backs and glass shelves. The cabinet has hidden lights which come on automatically when the doors are open. There are also 3 drawers, the middle can be used as a serving area with the cool matching tray and triangular drinks mats. The Helios Cocktail Cabinet is made from Cherry, Wenge and Ripple Sycamore.

The cabinet is approximately 1700mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep

If you would like to know more about commissioning that special piece of furniture then please contact me at anytime…