Luna Cocktail Cabinet

My Luna Cocktail Cabinet is made from walnut, ripple sycamore and wenge with stainless steel elements. The cabinet has been created from a single large walnut board which gives beautiful matching  grain across all its faces. The inner sides of the cabinet are made from ripple sycamore. The vivid almost black outer frame is constructed from wenge which contrasts superbly against the walnut. The wenge and sycamore are also used in the moon shaped handles on the doors and drawers.


luna front 1

The cabinet is held to the wenge frame by custom stainless steel elements accentuating the tall shapely legs

luna front 2

Bold Black Walnut figure flows across the cabinet

luna drinks 2

Drinks can be made on the special tray and then taken over to your guests..

luna drinks 3


luna tray drawer open final

Inside there is a large compartment with a mirrored back and glass shelf. The hidden light comes on automatically when the doors are opened. There are four other compartments for glasses and equipment.

luna tray drawer open close up

A special drawer opened by a push mechanism reveals a matching tray and coasters to enable you to take the cocktails to your friends. There is also another smaller drawer with an aromatic cedar bottom.

luna inside 1

Amazing contrasting woods are revealed when you open the cabinet doors..

luna door handles 25%

Sculptured Luna Handles..

luna tray and coasters 3

matching coasters and tray to impress your guests!!