Work on a new Bauhaus Look Cocktail Cabinet

Cool cocktail cabinet with Bauhaus Look coloured glass door

Between commissions I have been working on a new design for a small cocktail cabinet

It was originally designed for an exhibition that has been sadly cancelled due to Covid..

It will be made from wenge and quartersawn oak and will have a glass top lit from underneath to show off a vase etc

There will be one door with multi coloured glass inserts lit from inside that give it a definite Bauhaus look and room for a few bottles of whisky and glasses plus a small pull out tray for pouring.
More pictures will follow as the design develops.. 

small tray drawer opens to allow for the mixing of your special drinks

The cabinet is complete waiting for its leg stand. It looks brilliant with the lights shining through the Bauhaus look glass windows!.

The piece will be available for sale when complete, please contact me if interested..

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