January 2021

My second HiFi cabinet commission in a few weeks!! You might think that with folk streaming music that getting work to make HiFI cabinets would be dead… but no there are plenty of great folk  out there with Records, CDs and Cassettes..Rock ON!!tambour hifi cabinet

tambour hifi cabinet

Made a cardboard mockup to show my client how her cabinet will look full scale in her room…

tambour cabinet cardboard model

tambour cabinet

New commission to make a dark oak desk based on a classic mid 20th century design by “Le Corbusier Jeanneret with a leather top, should start April

Oak DeskOak desk

December 2020

Just starting on concept designs for a cabinet with tambour doors…

tambour door cabinetytambour door hifi cabinet

New commission to make a large oak Credenza/HiFi unit, will start in Feb 2021

oak credenza hifi cabinet

oak cradenza hifi cabinet

November 2020

Currently making a Christmas batch of four Blackwell Clocks, two in Walnut and two in Oak. Here they are ready for their black hats…

4 Blackwell Clocks waiting their hats!

new pewter design in the making

Blackwell Clock Faces

October 2020

Ebony Door Pulls for my current Hall Cabinet Project
door knobs

Currently working on a commission for an under stairs Hall Cabinet in Cherry and Birds Eye Maple

brian eberly FINAL for quote CNews and Projects

August 2020

Interesting job outside during lockdown this summer.

A rustic cabin office for a made for a home worker…

head office

June 2020

Nice Job to make a door this week out of Southern Yellow Pine with coloured glass panes

door outside

Working on a commission to make two simple bedside tables in Cherry to match a Cherry Bed that I made a few years ago.

mercer bed and side tables v3_Scene 6

mercer bed and side tables v3 b


I am making good progress with may latest cocktail cabinet and have decided on coloured glass which makes it look a little Bauhaus!

bauhaus look 800

March 2020

Im quite advanced with my next design for a small cocktail cabinet (first concept images below)
It will be made from wenge and quartersawn oak and will have a glass top lit from underneath to show off a vase etc
There will be one door with red glass inserts lit from inside and room for a few bottles of whisky and glasses plus a small pull out tray for pouring.
More pictures will follow as the design develops..steven hampson cocktail cabinet artist view 4
steven hampson cocktail cabinet artist view 3

December 2019

Last mock up of Flight Table No.3 completed using MDF and clamps around my recently made walnut legs. Happy with real life size and comparison to drawing. Will crack on with the build until the inevitable pressure of Christmas shopping overcomes my desire to make the table!..
steven hampson flight table No.3 mockup



Currently working on my Flight Table No.3, a console / hall table with a serious attitude..

Flight Table No3 v1 concept B

Flight Table No3 v1 concept D

A full scale drawing helps me gauge what the real piece will be like…

Flight Table No.3 full scale drawing

A Bowland Hare
steven hampson hare

November 2019

Latest of my Bowland Bird series..The Kingfisher…..

“Kingfisher Wingfisher Dip Dive Flash..”steven hampson kingfisher

Currently working on a commission for 2 Oak Settees. The design is to match my client’s table that is the style of  Frank Lloyd Wright.

The settees are being made from beautiful quartersawn oak with vivid grain patterns.

Arts and Crafts style settee paririe settleFirst Settee Finished, second will be completed in the next few days, now waiting for the upholster to do his leather magic!

October 2019


Frank Lloyd WRight Style Settees

September 2019

The Pewter version of my Blackwell clock is proving popular, i currently have two on the bench on test.

Pewter Face on my Blackwell Arts and Crafts clock

Pewter Face on my Blackwell Arts and Crafts clock



August 2019

Currently working up ideas for a desk for a client which will have lit openings on one side for special items…more soon

Andrew Mackie Desk V2 with chair and lady picture

lit desk




July 2019

Main cabinet built, working on the internals including the tray drawer and mats which i have designed and mocked up today using CAD software and cardboard!

steven hampson helios cabinet tray drawer and mats



Making very good progress with  my “Helios” cocktail cabinet. It will be exhibited at the Celebration of Craftsmanship in Cheltenham in August.


Final design picture below:

CCD Cocktail Cabinet V6


May 2019

I am working on the design of a new cocktail cabinet to be made from cherry with wenge and sycamore, more details soon…

ccd cocktail V2_Doors closed side on

ccd cocktail V2_doors open tray drawer open

ccd cocktail V2_front perspective doors open

January 2019

side table prototype

I have invested a couple of hours making a full scale model out of scrap wood of my side tables commission prior to investing maybe a month making the real ones. I am pleased with the result..

My commission for a multi coloured drawer cabinet is almost are some sneak pictures..


WP_20190114_18_21_07_Pro (2)

December 2018

I often get requests for secret compartments in my furniture commissions, here is a concept design for a secret drawer compartment that i will be making soon..

Steven secret drawer compartment

September 2018

Currently working on a design for some modern and colourful bedside furniture…more pictures soon…

Andrew Mackie Chest of Drawers V5 image with initial side tables 7

Andrew Mackie Chest of Drawers V5 image with initial side tables 6

My favourite bird from the Forest of Bowland.. the burbling Curlew..

the curlew's cry hangs upon the air

Nice job to make some carved pictures of birds from the Forest of Bowland  This is the lapwing, famous for its tumbling aerial displays and peewit call…
Curlew next..

lapwing carved picture 2

May 2018

Starting work on a new commission to make a bed from American Cherry. I picked up some amazing boards but where do i cut them?

beautiful large cherry timber boards

beautiful large cherry timber boards

March 2018

I am close to completing my luna cocktail cabinet, there are some internals to complete – the glass and mirrors, lighting, tray and coasters etc.

I’m looking forward to posting the pictures of the finished cabinet, probably early April.

my lunar cocktail cabinet is now quite advanced.

my lunar cocktail cabinet is now quite advanced.

tray and coaster drawer completed.

tray and coaster drawer completed.

January 2018

I have been working on my cocktail cabinet commission which is quite complex due the composite design with walnut on the outside and sycamore on the inside. I initially made a full size mockup and I am now making good progress on the cabinet. The picture below shows the cabinet on its mockup leg stand. The job now is to complete all the shelves and partitions before gluing the carcass together.

Outer carcass mitered, legs and internals are mockups are this stage

Outer carcass mitered, legs and internals are mockups are this stage

Beautiful clear walnut for making veneers

Beautiful clear walnut for making veneers

November 2017

I am currently finalising the design  for a contemporary cocktail cabinet to be made from Walnut, Wenge and Ripple Sycamore with Steel elements…

walnut, wenge, sycamore cocktail cabinet

new cocktail cabinet concept

new cocktail cabinet concept

DB V1 vray front drawer open


Cocktail Cabinet Doors Open



September 2017

Orwell desk delivered and on site, the contrast of black and oak matches nicely with the bookcases..

Orwell desk in the customers office awaiting it's chair..

Orwell desk in the customers office awaiting it’s chair..

The author will be able to sit at his desk looking out across the river

The author will be able to sit at his desk looking out across the river


July 2017

I have had  an unusual request to make a portable desk bureau out of Birch Plywood and Southern Yellow Pine. The desk will come apart and is to be installed at 22 locations as part of the Jane Austen 200 year celebrations.

design for portable Jane Austen Desk

design for portable Jane Austen Desk

I am quite advanced with the desk cabinet

I am quite advanced with the desk bureau top cabinet

My Orwell desk commission is now standing on its legs and I have started on the 6 drawers. The bigger filing drawers will be on special drawer slides so that they open very smoothly  even with lots of weight in them.

Desk Carcass coming along, drawers and top next

Desk Carcass completed, drawers and top next..

April 2017

My library bookcase project is now completed with the delivery of the library ladder

library ladder 1

Oak and Ebony Library Ladder

I am just starting work on a new desk and chair  made from oak and sycamore.

The desk has contrasting woods of oak, ebonised oak, sycamore and ebony. There will be 6 custom drawers for filing, pens etc. There will also be power and USB sockets inside the desk plus some secret compartments!! I will post pictures as things develop.




Writers Desk and Chair made from Oak and Sycamore

Writers Desk and Chair made from Oak and Sycamore

writers desk drawers open

Writers Desk with various custom drawers

March 2017

Art Deco Bookcases phase2 YouTube play


It took a whole week to install phase two of my bookcase commission Click on  GIF Animation below to see a 10 second summary….

GIF Art Deco Bookcase
Left Side of Bookcases

Ebonised Oak and Sycamore Patterned Doors

Just completed Phase 2 of my bookcase commission, my client is really excited.

December 2016



First phase of my bookcase commission installed


Inserting ebony stringing on the bookshelves, all 120 of them!

 November 2016

Completed the 6 sets of small cupboard fronts


Getting close to completing the small cupboards for the bookcases, the picture below shows the oak door panels being ebonised with a potion of apple vinegar and steel wool which effects the tanin in the oak and makes it jet black


Picture below shows the completed sycamore door frames with the carved circular door pulls. The doors will be bleached white and the frames ebonised black. Deco style black and white panles will be made next…



Oak Door Frames with sycamore doors

October 2016

I am full on making the bookcases. Starting with the doors and frames. The doors are made from English sycamore with haunched mitre tenon joints on the corners, 64 of them now all done phew! The doors will then be bleached white to contrast with the black/white deco panels (to be made next!)



haunched mitre tenon


64 of them!





September 2016

Just got an exciting commission to build some big bookcases for an author who has a lot of books! There will be two large sections like the photos below to go on both sides of a large room in his house. The bookcases will be made mainly from oak with sycamore doors with curved glass elements. The Art Decoish pattern will  inlaid into ebonised  black panels and also on the smaller cupboard doors. A desk and chair are also being designed to match, watch this space!


oak decosih bookcases


August 2016

I recently showed some of my work at the Designer Craftsmen Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

There  was some fantastic art work in this amazing space on The Mall.

flight 2 at mall 25%

Flight Table No.2 at the Mall Galleries















arne16 desk at mall 25%

My Arne16 Desk and Chair at The Mall Galleries


July 2016

I am currently working on my Flight Hall Table Number 2

The top has more of a winged effect and the drawer will have hawk like inset handles…


Mocking up the drawer front and handles on my Flight Hall Table Number 2

June 2016

Completed the chair to match my Arne16 desk, the back rest was hand shaped in a style reminiscent of the late Sam Maloof.

.chair2 50%chair 50%


May 2016

I am currently working on a chair to match my Arne16 desk, I am hoping to achieve a sculptural feel to the piece where the legs, arms and rails flow into each other. This is achieved by using hand rasps to form the wood in to flowing organic forms. Below are some initial sketches and a simple full size MDF mock-up. Next job is to make another full size mock up out of pine before any Walnut is touched..!

mall chair v1 sketchmall chair v1 sketch2mall chait v1mall chair v1 above

April 2016

I am currently building my  Arne16 desk  and chair. The desk has strong 50s/60s Danish influences with a contemporary look of my own style. This exciting project is now quite advanced and I have finished the top with just the legs and oiling to go.


mall desk side focus

sleek lines of the top

mall desk top

desk top completed, waiting for its legs to get off my bench!

mall desk drawer tray

removable pen/card tray

Arnedesk16 v1 pic9

Arne16 desk prototype design image showing how the dark walnut will look when oiled


Arnedesk16 v1 with chair pic1

Arne16 desk and chair prototype computer generated design



Initial sketch for my Arne16 writing desk  23rd Feb

February 2016

I have just completed and delivered an exciting commission to make a contemporary sideboard for a client who received one of my stripey boxes as a present. The first image below was created as part of the design process and truly represents the finished piece in the clients room. The picture below shows the finished piece in situation in the client’s  house

newsideboard web picture2

Design for a contemporary sideboard made of Walnut and Birds Eye Maple

bowland in house

Finished piece delivered in my client’s house

richard picture of sideboard in room

The finished sideboard in the client’s house

June 2015

Lancashire Life

Lancashire Life recently wrote an article about John Morris ( and myself in their June 2015 edition.


Click on the link below to see the full article in PDF form

going with the grain article may 2015